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We assist the top local businesses in utilizing this intelligence to improve customer experiences and commercial performance , all based on the Bihar and Jharkhand's leading platform for understanding people, places, and the interactions between them.

Chairman message

The Small-Scale Industry Development Council is a significant organization dedicated to creating awareness among small-scale industry workers about government benefits and committed to improving their situation through participation in various schemes. In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision, the main objective of this council is to provide self-employment opportunities to the vulnerable sections. This organization is taking several steps to promote prosperity and development through micro, small, and medium enterprises. It has initiated various schemes to help small-scale industry workers become self-reliant by utilizing their skills. Furthermore, the Small-Scale Industry Development Council has emphasized the importance of health and education facilities. It is making efforts to ensure that small-scale industry workers not only achieve economic prosperity but also maintain good health and education. Through these efforts, the Small-Scale Industry Development Council is advancing towards prosperity and equality in society, providing strong support for the work of small-scale industry workers in a secure and supportive environment.

SIDCO Objectives

Find the goods or services you need

We make it easy for people to find qualified businesses to provide quality services.

Providing a Platfrom

We assist consumers in finding the guidance they require from local business owners.

Connect Individuals

We connect individuals with the service providers they need.

"The main Objectives of SIDCO is to help consumers find the goods or services they need, while also providing a platform for those businesses to promote themselves."